3 Rad Lifestyle Podcasts for the #Resistance


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BBs! Shit, resisting can be hard. First, you have to batter your earholes and eyeballs with terrible news about the Administration all the live long day (because you are woke and engaged… I see you!), and then even when you’re tryna chill with your squirrel-friends, something comes up. It always does, because a lot of the garbage coming out of DC these days lands right on your doorstep, and if not yours, your neighbor’s, your family’s, your friends’, or some person’s in your community. That’s the other part: even if you stop listening, you can’t stop living it.

Hell, if you know a woman, she’s about to be a pre-existing condition. SO NEAT.

So this post isn’t about political podcasts necessarily but are SUPER rad, values-based, and make us feel just a bit better about our world. These folks are out there both doing their thing AND going on record that Trump sucks, his swamp sucks, and their garbage policies suck. They’re doing something with their platform to fight back for immigrants, women, people of color, victims of gun violence, police brutality, and rape, the LGBTQIA community, true religious freedom, and all the other beleaguered communities out there whose voices will not be silenced.  Continue reading →

Long time, no VBB! :)

Hey cuties! Sorry about the VBB hiatus. Both myself and Megan have been unbelievably busy with mostly big life changes but also that straddle season where friends you haven’t seen all winter pop back into your life, tank tops a-blazing! So the good news is that we’ve been soaking up that spring sunshine (slathered with plenty of SPF, obvi… more on that below), but, bad news, VBB has been pretty quiet.


New town, new style, same ol’ smile!

When the seasons change in conjunction with life changes, shit can get absolutely intense. That’s where I’m at right now. I moved from Denver to Steamboat Springs with my husband, dog, and two kitties, which has meant changing up my seasonal wardrobe, skin care, hair care, and frankly my style between the two very different locales. I put my fast-paced, high-stress career on hold. I went from a pretty loud and busy lifestyle to one where dipping my hands or feet in the river is ritual and more important than most things on a daily basis. I am very lucky. But hot DAMN I’ve been a mess!

And change doesn’t have to be as drastic as all that to still be mega trying. Maybe it’s your nose freaking out at all the new little microcosms of allergens cavorting around your face. Maybe you just took a big life leap too but you can’t quite see where you’re landing yet. Or maybe you are just trying to figure out your new skin care jam after a long, cold winter.

So! To get back in the swing of things and bring ya’ll back into the fold, here are some things I’m super excited about that I’ve seen, done, or am getting ready to jump into. I’d love to hear what you’re up to as well! Tweet at us, post here, or find us on Facebook.  Continue reading →

In Season Beauty: Skin Care for Colorado

As a prep for this weekend’s GRAMMY’s, check out Colorado’s own Stefanie Soifer, whose product line In Season Beauty is featured in performers and presenters’ grab bags. So cool!

Stefanie comes to the business of beauty and skin care with a simple set of guiding principles: be honest, be up front, and be forthright.

isblogo“It’s hard,” she says. “There’s plenty of people out there that aren’t like that, but they at least help me learn the lesson that doing the right thing is worth it.”

Her brand, In Season Beauty, is the culmination of her life’s work of creating things that smell and feel incredible: as a little girl, she’d scour her family’s cabinets perfecting facial recipes to test on her mom, and spent time in bath & body shops smelling every pot, bin, and jar. This would later morph into her first jobs in independent retail shops, creating and selling oils, lotions, and soaps.

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My Journey to Cruelty Free

Would you poke a cute little baby bunny in the eye? Probably not–you seem like a nice, reasonable person. But if you don’t pay attention to your beauty purchases, you could inadvertently support brands that cause living, breathing, thinking creatures to suffer.


Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT. From tehcute.com

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Cruelty Free: Digging Deeper


Crazy face Norma is ready to deploy some deep down brain parachutes of learnin’. Batten the hatches!

Cruelty free generally means that something is not tested on animals and can sometimes mean (in the case of faux furs and leathers) that an animal wasn’t harmed in the manufacture of the product. It doesn’t always mean vegetarian or vegan, and it certainly doesn’t always mean the company pledging cruelty free hasn’t obtained ingredients for their products from people that do or that their parent company abides a cruelty free status. Just not testing on animals is a great thing, but since digging deeper is kind of my thing, let’s DO IT.

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