Long time, no VBB! :)

Hey cuties! Sorry about the VBB hiatus. Both myself and Megan have been unbelievably busy with mostly big life changes but also that straddle season where friends you haven’t seen all winter pop back into your life, tank tops a-blazing! So the good news is that we’ve been soaking up that spring sunshine (slathered with plenty of SPF, obvi… more on that below), but, bad news, VBB has been pretty quiet.


New town, new style, same ol’ smile!

When the seasons change in conjunction with life changes, shit can get absolutely intense. That’s where I’m at right now. I moved from Denver to Steamboat Springs with my husband, dog, and two kitties, which has meant changing up my seasonal wardrobe, skin care, hair care, and frankly my style between the two very different locales. I put my fast-paced, high-stress career on hold. I went from a pretty loud and busy lifestyle to one where dipping my hands or feet in the river is ritual and more important than most things on a daily basis. I am very lucky. But hot DAMN I’ve been a mess!

And change doesn’t have to be as drastic as all that to still be mega trying. Maybe it’s your nose freaking out at all the new little microcosms of allergens cavorting around your face. Maybe you just took a big life leap too but you can’t quite see where you’re landing yet. Or maybe you are just trying to figure out your new skin care jam after a long, cold winter.

So! To get back in the swing of things and bring ya’ll back into the fold, here are some things I’m super excited about that I’ve seen, done, or am getting ready to jump into. I’d love to hear what you’re up to as well! Tweet at us, post here, or find us on Facebook. 


From TheHoodWitch.com

1. Reaching Out and Flirting Hard. In the chaos of my life, I’ve dipped my toes into practicing elements of witchcraft, magic, and learning about tarot (Spoiler alert: none of these things are much like the depictions in film and TV… at all). Essential elements of digging deeper into the self via these methods include meditation and self-reflection, and OH BOY have I been doing a lot of both. A wonderful nugget has been the weekly updates from The Hood Witch and the latest update suggests paying more attention to things that have slipped away, like people you adore and want, in whatever way makes sense for you and your position.

For me, this has meant grabbing some cards and a good pen and writing love notes to folks I haven’t talked to in a minute, particularly friends in Denver that I miss dearly. I wrote about ten cards and shipped them off, paying special attention to say nice, loving things that might not come up over a FaceTime wine date.

I’m not big on flirting, but paying a few more sassy little compliments to my husband with the intention of making both of us feel the love has been both fun and sexy. It’s like a btarotcatpeopleack-to-basics approach, because we started out flirting and little things like that can easily fall into the cracks of living life.

RELATED: They say to start tarot with a deck with imagery that makes you comfortable and you can relate to, so I obviously bought the Tarot of The Cat People deck by Karen Kuykendall. SO EXCITED.


Mermaid Off Duty one piece swimsuit from modcloth.com (not pictured is attendant RBF – I can supply that though)

2. THIS SWIMSUIT from ModCloth. Just STFU. It’s a little on the overly cutesy, trendy side for my tastes typically but I envision a mermaid on break, smoking a cigarette and sneering at children. Thus, I will wear it somewhat constantly because that is basically me in life. I’ve had some weight gain with all the tumult (shocking!) so I’ll check in about the fit when I get this bad boy.

3. My mother’s jewelry. There are few things that say as much about our worldview as what our mother gives us, both physically and emotionally. Mother’s Day was fraught for me as someone who has lost their mother, but also because I work in a boutique that is basically everyone’s mother’s favorite shop in town, so I was surrounded by Mother’s Day gifts, cards, and sentiments. #torture. In an attempt to morph my sadness into something a little more meaningful, I’ve been thoughtfully choosing pieces of my mother’s jewelry each day and thinking on the stories and reasons why she had the piece, and why I have the piece now. Some of it is simple – she gave it to me, or it became mine when she passed away – but there are other more complex stories to others. Take yourself down a memory lane with some of your sentimental pieces. It can be sad, but it can also be joyful, and you might even feel some power, repose, or closure.

4. SuperGoop EveryDay Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50. What VBB list would be


Protects you from the sun but only if you put it on first, ya big dummy. from Sephora.com

complete without a beauty obsession? This stuff is amazing for a lot of reasons, including that it’s cruelty free, smells pretty wonderful – not too sunscreen-y, and is really light so it glides on skin like butta. Melted butta. Melted butta that protects you, unless you neglect to slather yo’self before you’re four margaritas deep at the patio party, you party monster, you. I have the gigantic container (pictured left) of this because I use so much so frequently, but the small guy can set up shop in your summer boho bag easily.



Thanks for following us, friends! Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. What are your current must haves/must dos of springtime?

xoxo Norma


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