3 Rad Lifestyle Podcasts for the #Resistance


from murverse.com

BBs! Shit, resisting can be hard. First, you have to batter your earholes and eyeballs with terrible news about the Administration all the live long day (because you are woke and engaged… I see you!), and then even when you’re tryna chill with your squirrel-friends, something comes up. It always does, because a lot of the garbage coming out of DC these days lands right on your doorstep, and if not yours, your neighbor’s, your family’s, your friends’, or some person’s in your community. That’s the other part: even if you stop listening, you can’t stop living it.

Hell, if you know a woman, she’s about to be a pre-existing condition. SO NEAT.

So this post isn’t about political podcasts necessarily but are SUPER rad, values-based, and make us feel just a bit better about our world. These folks are out there both doing their thing AND going on record that Trump sucks, his swamp sucks, and their garbage policies suck. They’re doing something with their platform to fight back for immigrants, women, people of color, victims of gun violence, police brutality, and rape, the LGBTQIA community, true religious freedom, and all the other beleaguered communities out there whose voices will not be silenced. 

1. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. We *love love love* MFM and are #murderinos to the core. We love the banter between Karen Kilgariff


Murder junkies. What’s not to love? From EW.com

and Georgia Hardstark because it’s real, it’s in depth but not annoyingly so, and it’s really fucking funny. It’s all about murder and the murdering murderers who commit them, but also the victims, the agencies that help/hinder the cases, and any/all other weirdo shit that goes into some of the most horrific murders in history. The episodes are either an hour plus of studio or live performances or shorter “mini-sodes” where they read listener’s hometown murders. Because of the varying format and excellent editing by producer-cum-occasional whipping boy Steven Ray Morris (a podcast celebrity both on MFM and in his own right via The Purrrcast), the podcast is always a great listen and prolific AF, so there’s not too long a wait between epis. How they’re resisting: The MFM women frequently touch on the subject of how massively backwards our society and culture regard rape and the victims of rape, and are unapologetic about calling out the douchecanoes that perpetuate harmful policy and stereotype. Further, they donate a portion of the proceeds from merch and ticket sales to their live shows to End the Backlog, an organization founded by Law & Order badass Mariska Hargitay that researches the causes and extent of unexamined rape kits at agencies nationwide, and best practices for eliminating it. SSDGM!


theread2. The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle. The Read is advertised in the entertainment genre, but I get way more out of it than entertainment news. While Kid Fury has a knack for taking a step back and asking uber relevant WTFs about current events, Crissle is a born philosopher and gets to the heart of race, gender, and sexuality issues effortlessly. There are rants, there are guests, there are deep questions, there’s plenty of shade, and it’s all deliciously hilarious. No gimmicks here, just on point podcasting and great social commentary. Oh also, The Read’s house rule is that Beyonce is 100% off limits. #ohyeskween. How they’re resisting: This, my friendos, is give no fucks podcasting at its finest. This is what we all want to say about the silliness of white feelings on race and heteronormativity if we were a solid 15x more witty and capable of a solid-landing snapback. I wish I could lock my least favorite GOP mouthpieces in a room and turn this to 11 just to see them squirm themselves into nothingness, like one of those car dealership blow up freakout noodles in a hurricane.

3. Natch Beaut with Jackie Johnson. Personally, I’m transfixed by Jackie’s gravelly voice and southern twang, but I love and admire her capacity to be super vulnerable and also


Bring those high pigtails back, grrl.

loud and opinionated (as someone who has similar traits, it’s a maddening line to walk). She has a fresh guest every episode and some fun little features, like revisiting quizzes from those terrible teen magazines we read in our young, stupid years. This one might fall differently dependent on your generation, but it has lots of appeal for anyone cosmetic/beauty obsessed. How she’s resisting: She’s one of those feminists who doesn’t necessarily wear “Nasty Woman” t-shirts or pins or even shout out the whole woman benefits of Planned Parenthood from the rooftop, but from the way she talks about her body and life with self-determination and about other women with respect and dignity, it’s clear she’s not here to shovel anyone’s garbage for them. She talks pubes, periods, and pores and isn’t here to shame anyone for any of it. Gotta love that.


Get thee to your fave podcast listening device and soak up that sweet, subtle resistance. What and whose podcasts are you feverishly refreshing to help you get through another day in the era of Trump?



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