What Are Values?

We use values daily, likely without thinking about them. You pick a salad over french fries because you value the hard work you’re doing to get fit (go girl!) or you value the fries over the salad because you need to get some grease on that hangover (been there). You value a neighborhood for its proximity to good public schools. You value kitties because they’re snuggly and subject to your squealing and squeezes in small doses, and you *love* squealing and squeezing kitties.

The brands and products we choose to put on our bodies, faces, and hair are no different. You might be a drugstore diva looking for great products on the cheap, an au naturale type who just needs the basics, or a hauler… you know who you are… who’s aiming for Rouge status this year. Every type works on values, but this blog is about digging deeper. “Who” is the company? How do they treat their employees? Where do they operate? Is it owned by a woman, LGBTQ, or person of color? What’s in the product? How do they test?

My values? I believe that if this country is going to become greater, we need to invest in work on our soil, and that all work is dignified and should be paid a wage that can support a civically active lifestyle. I also believe that subjecting animals to cruel and unusual testing just so my face is on fleek with a new contour set is immoral.

DISCLAIMERS: I talk to other women and men about their values when it comes to beauty, and that’s reflected in my reviews and posts. While imperfect and subject to some values slip-ups from time-to-time, I generally buy made in America and cruelty free products, regardless of where I buy them from. I prefer non-chains and mom-and-pop type brands, but admit I have both a Sephora and Kat Von D problem. I’m not a rich woman, so some of my product reviews will be from samples or through collaboration with a friend with the product under review. I live in Colorado, so what works for me way up here at 5280′ may not be the jam at sea level.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Get at me: valuesbb@gmail.com