My Journey to Cruelty Free

Would you poke a cute little baby bunny in the eye? Probably not–you seem like a nice, reasonable person. But if you don’t pay attention to your beauty purchases, you could inadvertently support brands that cause living, breathing, thinking creatures to suffer.


Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT. From

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Cruelty Free: Digging Deeper


Crazy face Norma is ready to deploy some deep down brain parachutes of learnin’. Batten the hatches!

Cruelty free generally means that something is not tested on animals and can sometimes mean (in the case of faux furs and leathers) that an animal wasn’t harmed in the manufacture of the product. It doesn’t always mean vegetarian or vegan, and it certainly doesn’t always mean the company pledging cruelty free hasn’t obtained ingredients for their products from people that do or that their parent company abides a cruelty free status. Just not testing on animals is a great thing, but since digging deeper is kind of my thing, let’s DO IT.

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