3 Rad Lifestyle Podcasts for the #Resistance


from murverse.com

BBs! Shit, resisting can be hard. First, you have to batter your earholes and eyeballs with terrible news about the Administration all the live long day (because you are woke and engaged… I see you!), and then even when you’re tryna chill with your squirrel-friends, something comes up. It always does, because a lot of the garbage coming out of DC these days lands right on your doorstep, and if not yours, your neighbor’s, your family’s, your friends’, or some person’s in your community. That’s the other part: even if you stop listening, you can’t stop living it.

Hell, if you know a woman, she’s about to be a pre-existing condition. SO NEAT.

So this post isn’t about political podcasts necessarily but are SUPER rad, values-based, and make us feel just a bit better about our world. These folks are out there both doing their thing AND going on record that Trump sucks, his swamp sucks, and their garbage policies suck. They’re doing something with their platform to fight back for immigrants, women, people of color, victims of gun violence, police brutality, and rape, the LGBTQIA community, true religious freedom, and all the other beleaguered communities out there whose voices will not be silenced.  Continue reading →