In Season Beauty: Skin Care for Colorado

As a prep for this weekend’s GRAMMY’s, check out Colorado’s own Stefanie Soifer, whose product line In Season Beauty is featured in performers and presenters’ grab bags. So cool!

Stefanie comes to the business of beauty and skin care with a simple set of guiding principles: be honest, be up front, and be forthright.

isblogo“It’s hard,” she says. “There’s plenty of people out there that aren’t like that, but they at least help me learn the lesson that doing the right thing is worth it.”

Her brand, In Season Beauty, is the culmination of her life’s work of creating things that smell and feel incredible: as a little girl, she’d scour her family’s cabinets perfecting facial recipes to test on her mom, and spent time in bath & body shops smelling every pot, bin, and jar. This would later morph into her first jobs in independent retail shops, creating and selling oils, lotions, and soaps.

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