VBB: Who We Are

megannormaNorma and Megan met first with a simple name exchange that morphed quickly into a friendship built on a language of unintelligible squeals and noises to communicate both displeasure and joy in a confusing and loud French kitchen in Denver, Colorado.

I know. It’s weird for us, too.

Megan is the adventurer of the two, blazing trails into costume and cutting edge makeup and one person, multiple hour practice sessions.

Norma’s practical and unforgiving when it comes to her strategy, but generally pretty laid back and willing to try anything twice.

We aim to lift up great people and great brands, and leave the tarring and feathering to whoever else loves that game (we just don’t). That said, we won’t be shy about calling out missteps (like greenwashing or cultural offensiveness) and are happy to help clear the air when said missteps are rectified.

Welcome to Values Based Beauty!